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The New Zealand Emergency Management Assistance Team (NZ EMAT) is a new capability in the emergency management system. The establishment of NZ EMAT is the Government’s response to the recommendations to establish a ‘fly-in team’ in the Technical Advisory Group’s report on better responses to natural disasters and other emergencies. The name reflects the purpose and structure of the team which is to provide specialist capability enhancement to assist and support the affected incident controller and their incident management team to manage an emergency.

NZ EMAT will help ensure that New Zealanders receive a consistent level of support in any emergency, wherever and whenever it happens.

NZ EMAT will have people with a mix of the appropriate attributes, skills and experience to go wherever required, without delay, to work with and support the local team as they manage emergencies.  There are some important factors you should consider before submitting your application to join NZ EMAT.  Further details of NZ EMAT are available here on the MCDEM website.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible to join NZ EMAT, candidates must be employed by a qualifying home agency. The qualifying home agencies are:

  • New Zealand Departments of the Public Service listed in Schedule 1 of the State Sector Act 1998;
  • Local authorities and unitary authorities as defined in s5 of the Local Government Act 2002;
  • Emergency services as defined in s4 of the Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002;
  • New Zealand Defence Force, St John and Wellington Free Ambulance
  • Crown Agents
  • Autonomous Crown Agents
  • Independent Crown Entities
  • Crown Research Institutes

Experience and Qualifications

You will need to have significant incident management experience gained by working in a coordination centre environment.  This will be supported by a demonstrated commitment to professional development including technical training such as completion of CIMS 4 and integrated training framework courses.

Members of the NZ EMAT cadre will work alongside and support incident management team staff when they are deployed.  We are therefore seeking candidates with broad, professional and transferable emergency management experience.

We are particularly interested in the following skills and experience:

  • ability to apply a Te Ao Māori perspective to emergency management
  • ability to apply other cultural insights and perspectives to emergency management
  • PIM and strategic communications
  • Geospatial and information management

You must be eligible to apply for National Security Clearance status at restricted level.  This means you should be a NZ citizen or permanent resident.

Click here to download a copy of the EMAT Volunteer Engagement Outline which describes the details of the role.

Application Process

To make an application you need to complete and submit the following documentation.

  • cover letter stating why you want to be considered for the NZ EMAT team and what experience and qualifications you have that make you eligible;
  • CV which details your relevant work experience, qualifications and achievements.

You can submit your Cover Letter and CV by clicking here:  Submit My Application

Note: Previous applicants are eligible to re-apply.

Once you have registered your cover letter and CV, we will email you the following;

  • Volunteer Commitment form which outlines the expectations of you and your acceptance of those expectations;
  • Volunteer Nomination in Principle form which must be signed by the nominating executive identified by your organisation.

Your application can not be considered without these two signed forms being returned by the close of applications being 5pm Friday 11 October 2019.  Therefore, we recommend you get your cover letter and CV in as early as possible.

Overview of Selection Process

  • Candidates will be shortlisted based on their CV and cover letter and provision of two signed forms.
  • Shortlisted candidates must be available for a panel interview 4-15 November 2019.  These will be arranged at key locations around the country based on need.
  • Following the interview candidates may be invited to complete online psychometric testing and complete reference checking.
  • The final stage will be attendance at a residential training course to be held 16-28 February 2020. Cadre members will be confirmed based on successful completion of the course.

Unavailability on interview or course dates will make potential candidates ineligible.

Being a part of the NZ EMAT team requires on-call availability at short notice.  If deployed, you may need to spend up to 14 days away from home.  Please consider the impact of this on family and other commitments before making an application.