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Tools & Tips

Here are some handy tips to help you prepare when applying for a job. There is help available on psychological assessment with a link to some practice tests, interviewing and preparing a CV with a free CV template for you to download.

The most important factor to remember when preparing a CV is to keep it brief and factual. Make it no more than five pages long (even five pages these days is considered long). Put your work history in chronological order starting with the most recent job first.

Avoid personal statements and philosophies, they only take up space and can create a negative impression. Don’t include a photo unless the position requires it! eg: fashion model or movie star. How a photo is perceived depends on the personal preferences of the person reading your CV. This is outside your control, so it is best not to include factors that may screen you out of a job before you have had a chance to explain your capability in an interview.

Don’t include age, marital status, religion etc as these are not necessarily relevant to your capacity to do the job and, like photos, may screen you out prematurely. We have provided a CV template with a built-in guideline for you to download. You can use this as a starting point or as a check to see if your current CV could be improved.