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The Benefits of Outplacement and Career Transition

Value to the organisation

  • Reduced distress, angst and disappointment for transitioning employees
  • Reassurance for remaining employees that exiting staff are being supported, assisted in the transition, and treated  with respect
  • Improved ability for remaining employees to maintain focus at work and remain productive
  • Continued engagement of outgoing employees
  • A positive attitude towards transitioning out and finding new employment
  • Increased employee self-confidence with regard to the future
  • Increased goodwill between organisation and outgoing employees – less likelihood of costly litigation

Value to the Affected Individual

  • A feeling of support – “I am not alone”.
  • Greater confidence of their value in the market place (identifying one’s key skills and achievements) and their ability to market themselves – in an interview, on social media, when networking and negotiating offers
  • Significantly improved ability for employees to gain new employment quickly
  • Increased confidence in their ability to smoothly and quickly transition to the next role
  • Clarity on direction and satisfaction in making the right choice for themselves and their families
  • A confidential, impartial person to talk to/ work with

What does Outplacement/ Career Transition provide to the transitioning employee?

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Practical support tailored to suit the individual’s needs
  • Identifying different options for the next step in career/ life
  • Identifying key skills and preferences, key achievements, values and drivers
  • Resume Preparation – a CV targeted to desired roles with appropriate cover letter
  • Job Search Techniques including a proactive approach to Networking and LinkedIn
  • Interview techniques – how to present themselves confidently in an interview
  • How to promote themselves professionally in the marketplace – recruiters, online and advertised roles
  • Information on selection techniques including psychometric testing
  • Information on alternative career paths – self-employment, contracting/ consulting, retirement/ portfolio careers, directorships