Contractor Hourly Rate Guide

This page provides an indication of the hourly rates that are currently being charged for contractors in a range of specialist areas.  Please note that these rates are only indicative and will vary according to location, market demand and the amount of expertise required.  Our data is sourced from rates published by MBIE and adjusted for current market conditions by H2R’s contracting team.  Note that most of these rates are taken from the Wellington job market which may be higher than in other parts of NZ because of higher demand in the capital:

Indicative Hourly Rate Ranges – Updated 28 June 2023

Change over past six months  No Change  Rate Increased  Rate Decreased

Corporate and Generalist Roles

Financial and Management Accountants               $75-110 per hour 

Change Managers/Transformation                          $140-180 per hour 

HR Managers                                                                  $140-170 per hour 

Senior HR Advisors/Business Partners                      $110-140 per hour

Internal Senior Recruitment Advisors                       $80-120 per hour  

Senior Learning and OD Specialists                          $110-140 per hour 

Marketing and Communications Specialists         $115-150 per hour 

Planning and Reporting                                              $105-150 per hour 

Senior Policy Research and Evaluation                    $110-150 per hour 

Programme Directors/Managers                              $150-220 per hour 

Project Managers                                                          $120-150 per hour 

Project Administrators/Coordinators                       $35-80 per hour 

Programme Coordinators/Senior Prog Coord       $80-110 per hour 

IT Contract Roles

Application Support                                                   $80-120 per hour 

IT Architects                                                                 $150-180 per hour 

IT Business Analysts                                                   $115-140 per hour  

Business Intelligence Analysts                                $110-140 per hour 

Data Analysts                                                              $100-130 per hour (new)

IT Change/Transformation Managers                  $140-180 per hour 

Chief Information Officers (CIO)                            $180-240 per hour 

Software Developers                                                $100-150 per hour

Helpdesk/IT Support                                                 $35-50 per hour 

Systems Engineer/Cloud                                         $110-150 per hour

DevOps                                                                        $120-140 per hour (new)

Programme Directors/Managers                          $150-200 per hour

Project Coordinators                                                $80-$115 per hour (new)

IT Project Managers                                                 $120-150 per hour

IT Security/Risk                                                          $140-170 per hour

Testing                                                                        $95-145 per hour